Born and bred in Australia, Squadron Leader Pete Mole is a Member of the Royal Australian Air Force, working in the UK as an RAF trainer – teaching an elite group of Aerospace experts from around the world to develop cutting edge military equipment…

Pete is a specialist in GPS and navigation – a subject that has its roots in aerospace but is used by every part of Modern Defence operations. He teaches people from all over Defence, both military and civilian, about the complex workings of Aerospace technology.

Still a member of the Australian RAAF, Pete works as part of a UK RAF team. Training is very hands-on, with just a third of time spent in the classroom learning the theory, a third on a written thesis, and the last third devoted to visiting the industry to see new products in action.

“This course requires a thorough understanding of the science behind the technology, but we also emphasise the importance of its practical use, to help make sure that our equipment is functional and fit for purpose.

“We try to demonstrate the very latest practices and developments so that people can compare what’s on offer in the market, and determine the best choice of supplies for their organisation.