Each month Pathfinder works closely with lead industry and trade bodies to showcase careers in a wide range of sectors and provides Service Leavers with all the information they need in order to make informed choices about the civilian career path that is right for them.


What Makes Pathfinder the Leading Resettlement Magazine?

“Pathfinder is the original and premier veteran resettlement magazine – delivering the largest print circulation directly to service personnel via our unique, MOD distributed, mailing list, website and digital channels. Established as the leading resettlement, career development and recruitment publication for current and former service personnel entering ‘civvy street’, Pathfinder offers unmatched reach and authoritative content for the military community and advertisers targeting this unique demographic.”


Unique Magazine Distribution Through the MOD

Since 1991, each month, 15,000 copies of Pathfinder magazine are packaged, labelled and dispatched by the MoD’s distribution hub in Portsmouth and sent out to military bases across the world.

In addition to the hard copy of the magazine, Pathfinder is also produced in digital ‘flip book’ format, via the very latest digital publishing technology, and is circulated to the readership in advance of the print magazine being distributed.

No other resettlement publication offers this combination of regularity and reach!


Digital Chanels to Reach Veterans

Pathfinder’s website is the perfect online accompaniment to the magazine. Comprising a fully searchable course
and job database, news, articles, careers advice and industry profiles, the Pathfinder website is an excellent resource for both Service Leavers and advertisers alike.

In addition to the website, Pathfinder also sends out two weekly e-newsletters to our readers – these feature jobs, news, courses and have advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Our online reach is further enhanced by an extremely active social media presence – via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Through these routes Pathfinder can place your message in front of our audience within minutes of receiving copy


Contact Us to Reach Your Ex-Services Audience

For further details about advertising in Pathfinder International, including our highly competitive advertising rates, call Paul Foster on 0191 442 4008 or send an email to pfoster@pathfinderinternational.co.uk.

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Promotional Channels of Interest

Pathfinder April 2024 Cover

Pathfinder is the most widely distributed print magazine covering armed forces resettlement – we distribute thousands of copies every month to:

  • All Resettlement Officers
  • All Education Officers
  • All Education Centres
  • All Administration Officers
  • Single Service Education Centres
  • Spar NAAFI shops
  • Junior Ranks’ Clubs
  • Senior Ranks’ Messes
  • Officer’s Messes
  • Medical and Dental Centres
  • Individual subscribers
  • The 10 Career Transition Partnership Regional Resettlement Centres
  • The 30 Regular Forces Employment Association offices
  • All Single Service Resettlement Officers (NRIO, IERO, RRA)
  • Army, RAF and Naval Reserve Forces.
  • The Officers’ Association
  • The Resettlement Training Centre at Aldershot
  • All Sitting MP’S in Westminster, Holyrood and the Welsh Assembly and their Civil Servants
  • HIVES (Help, Information, Volunteer, Exchange network)
  • Military Libraries
  • The Liquid List
  • British Embassies and Consulates
  • British High Commissions
  • Defence Attaches
  • NATO attachments
  • Army, Navy and RAF training centres
  • British Forces Broadcasting
  • Army, Navy and RAF careers officers
  • Military families centres
  • Military welfare centres
  • Joint Services Housing Advice Office
  • Police, Fire, Ambulance and Prison Services
  • Selected Job Centres
  • Military charities
  • MoD Headquarters and Agencies, including Civil Servants