After almost eight years with Legion Scotland Chief Executive Officer Kevin Gray MM has moved on to a new post as CEO of Scottish Veterans’ Garden City Association…

The National Board of Trustees appointed Dr Claire Armstrong as the new Chief Executive. Claire has been with Legion Scotland for the last 5 years and is well known to many throughout the organisation as the Head of Administration & Membership.

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Claire was born and educated in Northern Ireland and on leaving school in 1993 moved to Scotland to study Psychology at The University of St Andrews. On completion of her degree she continued in academia to start a Ph.D in Psychology at The University of St Andrews which she completed at Nottingham Trent University.

After 7 years of study she followed a new direction in the Financial Services industry and was both a self-employed consultant and then Operations Manager for Oliver Asset Management. In early 2014 Claire joined the staff at Legion Scotland as Office Manager and was soon appointed to Head of Administration & Membership, a role she continued to develop until her appointment as CEO.

She has been instrumental in her time at Legion Scotland in detailed planning and improvement of procedures and membership support as well as engaging with other organisations and key stakeholders.