Thousands more veterans who struggle with civilian life will benefit from new and expanded NHS services, including mental health support, as part of the NHS’ long term plan…

A new dedicated crisis service will provide intensive support to scores of the most vulnerable former soldiers, sailors and air men and women battling alcohol, drugs and mental health problems, NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens announced.

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It is part of a series of measures to ramp up bespoke services for veterans, backed by £10 million of investment, to ensure that specialist health support for veterans is available across the country.

The NHS will expand the new ‘Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service’ and roll out veteran-friendly GP surgeries and hospitals as part of efforts to make sure those who have served their country get specialist help they deserve in every part of the health service.

There are around 2.6 million veterans living in the UK and around one in 20 will suffer from PTSD. A smaller number will have severe and complex mental health needs. Intensive support will be available around the clock to help them throughout their use of NHS services and will help address rising demand for care.

More veterans will be referred each year to the expanded Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service (TILS) which has already helped almost 5,000 ex-service personnel and their families with the move back to civvy street since it was launched in April 2017.