It is World Mental Health Day on the 10th of October and Pathfinder International is delighted to include advice from Vicki Field, HR Director at London Doctors Clinic on what to do if one of your team is struggling with their mental health.

Vicki Field

Mental health is one of the fastest growing reasons for absence in the UK, having increased by a whopping 71.9% since 2011, which has cost the UK economy £18bn in lost productivity, according to analysis from Centre of Economic and Business Research 2017. However, the negative impact on the sufferer is hard to quantify in terms of cost or pounds. Mental health problems can eat away at happiness, and have life changing impacts on people. So what can we do at work to help?

While many employers acknowledge that mental health is a key employee concern, few have a specific well-being strategy in place.

Mental wellbeing used to be a topic that was actively avoided at work, with employees being worried about admitting that they had mental health issues. Whilst this is still true today, there are some high-profile campaigns which have given more focus to the prevalence of mental health issues, and encouraged people to discuss and share their experiences. For example, Prince Harry established ‘Talking Heads’ with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to highlight mental wellbeing and has in turn been very honest about his own struggles following the death of his mother. Other high-profile figures who have discussed their own mental health have included Stormzy, the Grime artist, and Stephen Fry, actor and comedian.