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Dive into a career with a difference

To ensure South West Water can provide fresh water that is safe to drink and treat waste water to flow back into the environment, we have a team of dedicated engineers who maintain the process and pumping plant. Careers such as Industrial Electricians, Mechanical Fitters and Operational Technology Engineers are available to suitably motivated people.

If you are experienced in work on rotating machinery, process plant, electrical switchgear or control systems, you could be just the person we are looking for.

We are particularly in need of industrial electricians to keep the wheels of our water industry turning. People often say that electricity and water don’t mix, well this is true in one sense, but couldn’t be further from the truth in another. The majority of the water we move in our processes is pumped by electric pumps; single phase, split phase or more commonly three phase systems are employed virtually everywhere in our beautiful part of the world, from sites in the Isles of Scilly to Exmoor and the Jurassic Coast. We have small single pump booster stations right up to huge multi-pump stations that can pump 1000s of litres a second and all the sizes in
between. Each system has its own control arrangement that can include actuated valves, flow and pressure monitoring and the ability to be operated remotely. These items of equipment have to be maintained and repaired on occasion.

The treatment processes (both clean and waste) are fascinating and some are extremely complex, and keeping these running at optimum efficiency is absolutely imperative. Rotating machines abound on our treatment sites; from stirrers, to screens and gearboxes to generators.

Are you up for a challenge? Do you want to feel you are giving back to the community? Can you tell your armature from your conduit elbow? Your ferrule from your fuses and your cutters from your cutouts? If, so why not consider a career in the water industry.



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