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Logistics is arguably one of the most important career sectors in the world. Without supply chain resources we would see food and fuel shortages, goods, pharmaceuticals and healthcare products would not be delivered on time, descending us into CHAOS.

Every organisation, large or small and every individual uses the logistics supply chain. The field of logistics has so much to offer and Yusen Logistics values the skills, training and mindset that veterans have acquired during their time in the armed forces. We are committed to providing support into transitioning to a highly rewarding career in logistics at one of our sites across the UK.


1985 I joined the British Army at 17 years old where I trained with the Royal Engineers as a Combat Engineer, Boat Operator and Plant Operator Mechanic.

1992 – Worked for transport companies learning to cover roles like planning office and warehouse.

2004 – Joined NYK as a driver at Telford depot. Volunteered to support the transport office for 2 weeks.

2007 – Seconded to support manager in Northampton where Yusen invested in my development. “I moaned about the internal courses at the time, but still refer to these today”.

2010 – SUT Operations Manager, responsible for more than 100 vehicles and 150 colleagues for transport and Cross dock operation.

2019 – Responsible for shaping the transport platforms strategy, dividing the country into North and South regions.

2021 – Northern Operations Manager – Greatest work achievement to date: The transport platforms are now uniform in their structure and processes and more importantly they can communicate with each other.

“Don’t be afraid to change. It’s better to regret something you have done, rather than regret something that you haven’t. Exceptional teams are made when colleagues communicate, share ideas and frustrations and support each other”. Paul Evans, Northern Operations Manager Shared User Transport

Yusen Logistics is a truly global company with a network spanning almost 341 cities in 45 countries. Our 24,000 employees are locally situated within the key regions of Europe, East Asia, South Asia & Oceania, Japan and the Americas.

Yusen Logistics are a rapidly expanding business with ambitious plans and we are looking for outstanding people to join us. We offer excellent opportunities for you to develop your career in different functions and areas. If you have the drive, energy and commitment, Yusen Logistics will help you develop your skills, supporting you with a comprehensive training programme and, if appropriate, will sponsor you to gain professional qualifications.

Yusen Logistics is committed to providing equal opportunities and the logistics sector has a diverse workforce and offers career opportunities for people of all backgrounds and educational levels. Yusen Logistics have plenty of advancement opportunities as we are passionate about providing you with the best training and development opportunities.


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