A man from Buckinghamshire will take on a 100km hike through the Chiltern Hills this weekend raising money for Blind Veterans UK, the military charity which supported his father in the last years of his life…

Craig Alexander, 48 and from New Denham, suffers from a brain and nerve condition which will make the hike all the more challenging. Luckily, his friend Dexter will be there to support Craig on his journey. The route will take Craig and Dexter through nature reserves and forests, along ancient footpaths, and up and down the famous Chiltern Hills.

Craig’s motivation came from both a place of personal development and a desire to give back. He says: “I’ve been accused in the past of being a professional couch potato so I saw this as a great opportunity to go and achieve something. The support that Blind Veterans UK gave my dad after he lost his sight was unbelievable.

“He thought his life was over but they taught him the adjustments that meant he could continue the outdoors activities and arts that he loved so much. He was so grateful for the support he received that he chose to have his ashes scattered at their rehabilitation centre in Llandudno. Since his death I’ve wanted to do something to give back and so thought this was the perfect opportunity.”

Craig has been training hard over the last four months but still is nervous about the challenge that faces him at the weekend: “I’ve been walking 20 to 30km daily over the past four months so I’m feeling good but I think the last 20km if going to test me a lot.

“My condition means that any wind causes me a lot of pain so I know it’s going to be a challenge from the start. I know when I pass that finish line my old man will be looking down and be very proud not only for completing the 100km but also for supporting the charity that he loved so much.”

Craig has raised £1,400 so far but still has a little way to go to reach his target. To donate please visit the website.