This November, Pathfinder International magazine is launching the “I am Tommy Atkins!” campaign to mark and highlight 100 years of the Remembrance commemorations by celebrating the generic name given to the World War 1 soldier – Tommy Atkins.

The campaign sees a veteran from many major conflicts since WW1 talk about their particular conflict and what Tommy Atkins means to them,  including Simon Weston for the Falklands and best-selling author, Steve Heaney speak about the Sierra Leone conflict.

Now is your chance to include yourself in the campaign online and it is easy to do.

Simply film yourself or be filmed in landscape mode, talk about why you support the campaign and remembrance  and round off the video with the line “I am Tommy Atkins!”

Armed Forces personnel, veterans and the general public are encouraged to take part.

Send it to the Pathfinder editor Mal Robinson’s email , our designer adds the finishing touches and edits, then it is good to post on your networks and shared across the Pathfinder network.

“I am Tommy Atkins!”

Pathfinder editor, Mal Robinson added: “The aim of the campaign is to run for the centenary year, not just for Remembrance, the idea being is that everyday we remember the fallen.”

Example: Pathfinder’s columnist, veteran and adventurer, Jordan Wylie has his say.