Service Dogs UK is a unique charity that partners rescue dogs with mentally wounded individuals – the dogs help forces veterans and members of the emergency services cope with the effects of PTSD…

Mark is a former serviceman, and his dog, Jerry, now fully trained, helps him with the challenges of PTSD. Mark said: “He’ll load the washing and unload it as well and make sure I hang it up, and he wakes me up from nightmares at night. I can’t really think where I’d be without him, but I know where I am with him.”

Co-founder of the charity, Royal Navy veteran, frontline Police Sergeant, and mental health champion, Garry Botterill, commented: “It’s great that the veterans are gaining independence. They are doing things they haven’t done before, they are re-integrating with society because the dogs act as a furry friendly barrier at times, and start a conversation.”

The dogs provide unconditional love and reassurance, but the power of these pooches goes beyond a normal assistance dog.

Watch our furry friends in this moving report here