The aim of the Armed Forces Bereavement Scholarship Scheme is to provide the children of those whose death is attributable to service a head start in life by enabling them to progress in their post-16 education.

An application must be made for each year of study. If applicant does not complete a claim form for each new year of study, the grant will be stopped.


The scheme is open to an applicant who meets all the following criteria:

Cause of death: A parent of the applicant died while serving in the armed forces and the parent’s death was deemed to be attributable to their service, and for which the child or surviving parent is receiving benefits under an MoD-attributable benefits scheme.

Date of death: The deceased parent died after 00:01 hours on 1 January 1990.

Relationship: At the time of death, the applicant was a child of the deceased service person, or the applicant was the biological child of the deceased and was born within 42 weeks of the parent’s death. For the purpose of these regulations, a child is defined as a legitimate or legitimated child or step-child, a child statutorily adopted or a child of the family (a legal term meaning any other child who is being brought up in the household of the deceased at their expense).

A child is deemed to be below the age of majority (18 years). If over that age, a son or daughter must be 24 years or under and in receipt of full-time education at a school, college or university (studying for a first degree only) or be out of full-time education for up to 1 year between secondary education and further education or further education and higher education. The age limits do not apply to a son or daughter who is physically or mentally incapable of contributing to their own support. Fostered children are not eligible.

Age on application

Further education: The applicant must be due to start or have started the further education course either: while still in compulsory education, or within 3 years from finishing school education

Higher education: The applicant must be due to start or have started the higher education course – within 3 years of finishing further education. If more than 3 years, the applicant must provide justification why further education or higher education has been delayed.

How to apply

You should read the relevant guidance on this page and complete the claim form.