A new website, developed by the Directory of Social Change (DSC), for exploring Armed Forces Charities in the UK has gone live…

The online directory has information, statistics, infographics and unique research on hundreds of charities serving thousands of people.

The Forces in Mind Trust funded website is a key resource for policy makers, researchers, media, governments and charities – or anyone with an interest in the UK’s Armed Forces charities.

Users can search for information on over 1,600 charities and associated branches, using an intuitive search tool producing clear results. Each charity in the directory has its own record with key information which is updated regularly.

The website includes an interactive data page, where users can check out analysis and learn more about the charities. New data and insights will feature regularly in this section.

DSC has been publishing ground-breaking research regarding the Armed Forces Charity sector since 2014, including five downloadable reports, each accompanied by infographics and fact sheets. For accessibility, each report is also condensed into easy read four-page research briefs.

The website has dedicated sections for each report topic, where you can learn about what the charities provide, including: mental health, education and employment, and physical health. There is also research on charities in Scotland and an overview of UK charities. More research is coming soon – keep an eye out for our section on housing provision, coming summer 2018!

Stuart Cole, Research Manager at DSC, said: “This website is the new home for DSC’s ever-growing body of research. The topical nature of our reports and our directory of charities combines here to illuminate the work of charities serving the armed forces community. It’s a must-read and a must-view for anyone interested in the topic.”

Ray Lock, Chief Executive of Forces in Mind Trust, said: “This exciting new resource developed by the Directory of Social Change will be a valuable tool for policy makers, media commentators, service providers and other charities.

“It epitomizes our approach to presenting decision makers with the best knowledge and evidence available, and it offers a credible alternative to anecdote, hyperbole and fake news. We look forward to seeing how this information is utilised, how the site develops and the impact our funding will have achieved.”

You can access the website at www.armedforcescharities.org.uk