The 8th Armed Forces & Veterans Resettlement Expo takes place on Thursday October 27 at Colchester United FC (The Jobserve Community Stadium).

The event is sponsored by NEBOSH and takes place from 09:30 to 12:30.

EVERYONE from the forces community is welcome to attend and this sentiment is reinforced by the attendance of the exhibitor below and you can register here. 

We continue our focus on the exhibitors on the day with a look at Recruit For Spouses.

Recruit For Spouses 

Recruit For Spouses identifies and reinvigorates skilled, experienced and resourceful individuals from the military community, supporting them to overcome the unhelpful, outdated perceptions that exist around flexibility, mobility and suitability.
Our moto is ‘Returning talent to the workforce’. Our passion and purpose are connecting the partners of our serving personnel with progressive and supportive employers seeking exceptional candidates with the unique strengths and qualities you find in military families.
As a social value led business, our focus is our community and our values are in our military DNA. We are dedicated to building a legacy that will help now and for years to come. We want to nurture military spouses to find purpose in what they do, and this commitment to purpose filters into everything we do, from our Career Academy to the relationships we build with clients, shareholders and stakeholders.
We recognise that employed life and personal life are not separate entities but rather two halves of a whole life. We aim to support spouses in developing both areas by offering training, online courses, career mentoring and coaching. We help spouses no matter where they are on their career journey through our award-winning Career Academy.

Military partners and spouses can register for the expo here!