The 8th Armed Forces & Veterans Resettlement Expo sponsored by NEBOSH takes place on Thursday October 27 at the Jobserve Community Stadium, Colchester from 09:30 to 12:30.

Register for the event here. 

We have received several questions on the event and we’ve compiled the full lot here with our answers.

Who can attend the expo? 

Literally ANYONE from the forces community wanting to network, after advice or capitalise on some great opportunities!

This includes:

  • Serving personnel after general advice (MOD Housing advice is on offer from the FAM teams)
  • Serving personnel THINKING about coming out the forces and want to see what’s out there
  • Serving personnel entering or in their resettlement period
  • Veterans who have now left looking for their next recruitment opportunity
  • Veterans wanting to network or wanting general advice such as financial advice
  • Spouses looking to network and looking at recruitment opportunities (Recruit For Spouses are in attendance)
  • Military family members looking for training and recruitment advice

What is an expo? 

An expo is another term for an event, an organised display of exhibition stands or items. In this case over 30 exhibitors with stands and teams in place to answer any questions you may have.

Why should I attend? 

Although resettlement may be the predominant theme here, everyone in the forces at some stage should be thinking about the time they may leave the military. You never know what is around the corner…perhaps a unlikely medical discharge after an accident, a change in circumstances, you should always have one eye on the time you may leave the forces and be prepared. With this in mind, such elements of resettlement like networking and planning your ELCAS training courses should be at the forefront of this process.

In addition to this, the exhibitors on display are not solely for resettlement. As mentioned MOD housing teams are in attendance for those with questions on quarters, Recruit For Spouses have opportunities and advice for partners of service personnel, Hugh James have financial advice (which could be crucial in the current climate) whilst the Forces Pension Society will be on hand for any pensions advice you may need.

There is something for everyone within the forces community!

Do I have to be there for the full 3 hours? 

No, you can attend for five minutes to 3 hours – there is no time limit or specific time you need to be there.

Can young children attend with parents? 

Yes, it is a family friendly location.

Is this a Colchester only personnel event? 

No, the expo is open to anyone in the forces community be they from Colchester, Honnington, Wimbish, Chatham, Caterham – anywhere!

Is there car parking? 

Yes, there are plenty of car parking spaces in the Jobserve Community Stadium Car Park.

What is the postcode for the stadium? 

It is CO4 5UP.

Who is exhibiting? 

So far we have…

  • Essex Police
  • Cnet Training 
  • RFEA – The Forces Employment Charity
  • Hugh James
  • Oak Tree Training 
  • Altrad 
  • Forces Pension Society 
  • Recruit For Spouses
  • Future Accommodation Model (MOD Housing) 
  • Victory Services Club
  • Frontier Risks 
  • Online Business School 
  • CTTS 
  • FDM Group
  • LBV Property 
  • XPO Logistics
  • Bartech Marine
  • Terraces and Troops
  • Colchester United Football Club
  • Support Our Paras

Why do I have to register? 

You can just turn up on the day, but we advise to register to save time on the day of the event, plus we provide updates on who is exhibiting.

What happens to my personal details when registering? 

We only ask for your name and email address and these are not given to any third parties. These are used for any event updates only.

How can I register? 

Register using the link here and fill in your name and email – it takes less than a minute!

This will be the final expo from Pathfinder for 2022.