Only 2 days to go until the Armed Forces Expo in Oxford on Thursday April 21 at the King’s Centre, Oxford from 0930 – 1230.

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Here we continue our look at the exhibitors on show and focus on Quanta Training…

Thanks to your service, Enhanced Learning Credits are one of the valuable resources available to you upon resettling. We’re in the business of exchanging ELCs for skills. Quanta Training has landed thousands of ex-military personnel in their ideal civvy street career through our range of courses. Technical IT, Agile, Project Management and Service Management – we’re on hand to help you maximise your career prospects.

To achieve this, our bubbly team will be over the moon as they get to know you, your resettlement needs, and how to claim the right ELC-funded training with Quanta.

We work based on a poorly kept secret – you already gained the skills to be a success, ELCs just “enhance” what makes you

Call Amanda and Teresa: 01905 610600 (option 3).

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