After baking her way to victory in last year’s Channel 4 Great British Bake Off, Sophie Faldo is now helping to raise awareness of veterans’ mental health by becoming an ambassador for Combat Stress…

In December last year she visited the Combat Stress treatment centre in Leatherhead, Surrey, to find out how the charity supports former servicemen and women.

Sophie is a former Army officer and served with the Royal Artillery in Afghanistan.

She said: “Combat Stress is a fantastic charity, doing amazing work with veterans to help them overcome their mental health problems. I’m really happy to become an ambassador for the charity and look forward to helping them raise more awareness of veterans’ mental health.”

The charity’s CEO Sue Freeth said: “We are thrilled that Sophie has become an ambassador for the charity. Her career in the Army means that she understands the challenges many of our veterans have faced, and why they continue to be affected long after battle.

“With Sophie’s support we can reach more veterans struggling with their mental health. We’ll also be able to raise more money to deliver our specialist clinical treatment that helps former servicemen and women rebuild their lives.”