Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, former Chief of Defence Staff of the British Armed Forces, has assumed the position of Chairman of the NATO Military Committee…

Sir Stuart takes over from General Petr Pavel, of the Czech Republic’s Armed Forces, who held the position for three years.

The Chairman of the Military Committee is the senior military advisor to the NATO Secretary General. The Chairman of the Military Committee provides advice from NATO’s Chiefs of Defence to the political body of NATO, the North Atlantic Council.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, said: “I am proud to be joining NATO at such an important time in the history of the Alliance. NATO has delivered collective defence, maintained security and upheld the shared values of our 29 partners for almost 70 years.

“As Chairman I will provide military advice to the North Atlantic Council and ensure that NATO continues to adapt and strengthen our defences against the ever evolving threats to our security. I look forward to continuing the process of modernisation, increasing readiness and reviewing our Command Structure.

“Through this work we will ensure that NATO is credible on a global stage and remind those who would do us harm that while we have the most powerful and best equipped alliance in history, our strength is our unity.”