Being a Country Director is one of the most challenging and rewarding roles there is.

Mission Aviation Fellowship International (MAF) is an international Christian organisation bringing help and hope to some of the poorest and most remote communities in the world. Our vision is to see isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Christ’s name. Our purpose is to share God’s love through aviation and technology.  And our values are embodied in six key words: Impact, Witness, Partnership, Care, Excellence and Stewardship

Today, an MAF aeroplane takes off or lands every four minutes in countries where flying is not a luxury, but a lifeline.  We work with hundreds of missions, churches, local groups, relief and development organisations and national government agencies. Together we deliver practical, medical and spiritual care in places with the deepest human need.  The numbers are staggering… MAF globally now serves 1500+ organisations and operates more than 135 light aircraft to approximately 1500 destinations on five continents

Our Country Directors are at the sharp end of transformation as you work with our partners to reach isolated communities.  The role requires you to be able to successfully navigate significantly diverse functions.  As the leader of a multinational team you will be instrumental as you inspire you team to achieve our vision.  You will need to work with local partners, regulatory authorities and country officials to achieve the programme goals.  You will ensure all operational activities in the programme are carried out within the approved annual budget by monitoring internal control systems and taking corrective action where necessary. You will also ensure that all operational activities of the programme are well coordinated, safe and efficient.

Our Country Directors responsibilities fall into 5 key areas:

To ensure that MAF’s activities have an impact in places of greatest needs

To develop partnerships with service users

To ensure that flight operations are conducted in a safe and efficient fashion

To support the effective performance and wellbeing of the MAF Team

To support effective & efficient use of resources

Candidates must possess:

Excellent spoken and written English. Some programmes also require fluent French

University graduate or equivalent experience

Extensive leadership and general management experience at a senior level

Spiritual leadership experience within an interdenominational context

Demonstrated ability to build and maintain good relationships with all levels of an organisation

Budgetary and financial management experience

Cross-cultural management experience

Experience of working in a multi-functional or disciplinary team

Highly desirable requirements:

Experience of working in aviation or related field

Highly experienced working within an aviation or related field

Development of organisational strategies, operational plans and supportive goals

Leading/managing a multinational, multi-cultural organisation

Experience of living and working in a multi-cultural environment overseas

Leadership of multi-cultural workforce

Either team management experience and/or project management experience involving working with others

Bible college

Personal Qualities

Committed, mature, evangelical Christian who is passionate about sharing the Gospel with others

Self-starter, strategist, analytical, business oriented and a team player.

Drive for results

Leadership and empowerment orientation

Concern for standards

If you are interested in finding out more you can register your interest by uploading some basic details to our career portal at