Fields in Trust is working in partnership with the Royal British Legion’s Thank You campaign to create a legacy of protected spaces called ‘Centenary Fields’ in memory of those who lost their lives during WW1…

Landowners across the UK are encouraged to dedicate playing fields, recreation grounds, memorial gardens or parks that contain a war memorial and any other valued green spaces that have WW1 significance as Centenary Fields.

The protection in perpetuity means that these spaces will always remain as a living memorial to those who gave their lives during the conflict.

Each protected space has its own unique story and link to WW1 – some highlight the contribution of individual combatants, some feature memorials to the fallen, others served the war effort, whilst some have contemporary resonance with communities acting now to remember the sacrifices of 100 years ago.

The Centenary Fields programme runs until 11 November 2018 and they will be showcasing one space protected under the programme each day at 11am.

For more information and to find out which space is being showcased today visit the website.