After living in service personnel accommodation for many years, with little or no say on design, structure or style of your house, leaving the forces provides the perfect opportunity for you and your family to take a leap of faith and self build your own dream home…


By drawing on the skills, discipline and years of training you’ve had gained in military life, building your own home isn’t as out of reach as you might think. Bedfordshire based Potton, who have been designing, manufacturing and supplying bespoke homes for self builders for over 50 years, will guide you seamlessly through the whole process.

Specialising in designing your dream home, Potton will also assist in obtaining planning permission.

FREE Self Build Education

Potton offers educational courses for those considering self building. Their acclaimed Self Build Academy launched in 2014 and has to date welcomed in excess of 2,000 aspiring self builders. Academy courses are held at Potton’s Self Build Show Centre in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, with each course designed to target a different stage of the self build process, from ‘how to find land’ to ‘how to manage a build’.


Potton is hosting a one-day event for Service Leavers and Veterans interested in finding out more about self building. To register your interest, please

Details on the event will then be emailed to you.

So, if you fancy a new challenge and want to feel the huge satisfaction of achieving a personal goal again, why don’t you channel your energies into self building?

Give it a go – you won’t be disappointed.

For more information 01767 676400 or email[email protected]


Case Study – Built in a friends garden

Location: Cambridgeshire

Land Cost: £150,000

Build Cost: Circa £300,000

Current Value: £650,000

When good friends of Nicola Scrivens purchased an extra piece of land adjacent to their property in a village just outside of Cambridgeshire, they never envisaged that some years afterwards they would build a house on that piece of land and become a neighbour!

Nikki, now in her sixties and a part time receptionist, had been living about 3 miles away and had been in the same house for 36 years and had never considered self build until the offer of their friends plot came up.

The plot was a mature garden and had been laid to lawn with a number of trees on it. The overall size was roughly 60 x 19 metres, so a good size to fit a reasonable size house on without losing too much garden.

For Nikki the most exciting moment in the whole build was to see how quickly the timber frame structure went up. She was in local rental accommodation for the initial part of the build, so was able to visit the site quite regularly and to meet with the project manager and subcontractors as required.