The Chief of the Defence Staff has praised troops as military support to the police comes to an end following the tragic terrorist attack in Manchester…

Over the past week around 1,000 military personnel have been deployed alongside the police. Following a gradual reduction over the last few days, all troops have returned to their bases.

Under Operation Temperer – the mobilisation plan for military support to the police following a major terrorist attack – troops backfilled existing armed police guarding roles, releasing extra armed police officers to support the wider incident response.

UK Armed Forces from all three services moved quickly to support police forces across the country, including the Metropolitan Police and Civil Nuclear Constabulary.

Chief of the Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, said: “I pay tribute to all involved in the UK Armed Forces for the support given to the police following last week’s tragic attack in Manchester. Whether in niche or specialist roles in support of law enforcement or in static support of policing, the collective calm professionalism of the military has been evident for all to see.

“Of course, our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones or suffered life changing injuries and we must all stay vigilant against further attacks or atrocities. Wherever based or deployed, many in the Armed Forces and wider Defence family do and will continue to make an important contribution to our nation’s efforts to counter terrorism.”

Service personnel will remain at readiness to deploy in support of the police should future security situations require.