Chief of the Defence Staff Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach has reaffirmed the UK’s Defence relationship with Romania…

He welcomed to London General Nicolae-lonel Ciucă, Chief of the General Staff of the Romanian Armed Forces, to discuss mutual interests and strengthen Defence ties. This follows Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon’s announcement last year that the UK will send RAF Typhoon aircraft to Romania in support of the NATO Southern Air Policing mission.

General Ciucă and the Chief of the Defence Staff discussed the UK and Romania’s partnership as members of NATO, UK deployments to Romania this year, and possible trade opportunities.

Chief of the Defence Staff Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach said: "The UK shares an important Defence relationship with Romania, both bilaterally, and as part of our membership of NATO. I was pleased to welcome General Ciucă to the UK, and continue to recognise the key role Romania plays within the Alliance, including their commitment to increase defence spending to meet the 2% of GDP target this year."

To enable the UK’s contribution to NATO Southern Air Policing, RAF Typhoons from RAF Coningsby will be based at Mihail Kogălniceanu Airbase for up to four months in 2017, the Defence Secretary said at the end of last year.

Additionally, as part of multinational NATO exercises, British land forces will deploy to Romania for various exercises this summer, demonstrating the Alliance’s commitments on the south-eastern flank. Defence Engagement in 2017 will also include a Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer visit to a Romanian port.

Chief of the Defence Staff Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach added: "Our deployments this year by land, in the air, and at sea, underline the UK’s commitment to working within NATO alongside our Romanian friends."

The UK-Romania relationship was further strengthened by a visit last year by then Romanian Minister of National Defence Mihnea Motoc, who was hosted by the Defence Secretary.