Cobseo, the Confederation of Service Charities, has welcomed the establishment of the first Office for Veterans’ Affairs together with the appointment of two Ministers: Johnny Mercer MP as Minister for Defence People and Veterans in the MoD and Cabinet Office, and Oliver Dowden CBE MP as Minister for the Cabinet Office representing veterans, in the Cabinet Office

General Sir John McColl, Chairman of Cobseo, said: “As the Confederation of Service Charities representing the Sector, Cobseo works to promote and further the interest of the Armed Forces Community every single day, so it is very encouraging that for the first time we will be working with two Ministers in the Cabinet Office who will have specific responsibilities for Veterans’ Affairs.

“Cobseo exists to promote collaboration and coordination across the Sector to ensure the very best services and support are provided for our serving community and veterans – from a young serving soldier or family, to a very elderly veteran or widow scattered world-wide. We represent the needs and concerns of all those within the Armed Forces Community covering everything from employment and housing to wellbeing and care.

The Confederation is also a focal point to ensure that Veterans’ issues are addressed by those with statutory powers to provide the necessary support, and to make sure that no beneficiary is forgotten or left behind. The appointment of two Ministers within the Cabinet Office and the establishment of the Office for Veterans’ Affairs are very encouraging signs that the government is prepared to work harder than ever to address the myriad needs of veterans.

“As a nation, we have all benefited from the selfless commitment and sacrifice of those who have served so it is only right that veterans are supported after they have given so much. We welcome the opportunity to work with both Ministers to ensure that the concerns of the thousands of veterans represented by our Members are heard, and we are looking forward to continuing to work together as a Sector to forge a positive and productive future for all members of the Armed Forces Community.”