Alabaré, the charity behind Homes for Veterans England and Wales, are delighted to have been awarded £20,000 towards costs of Homes for Veterans Wales from the Armed Forces Covenant…

Alabaré’s Homes for Veterans Wales offers support to ex-Service men and women across Wales who have left active service and who are experiencing difficulty adapting to civilian life.

These former service personnel are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, usually due to lack of support network and social isolation after discharge. Others sometimes experience depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, ill health, unemployment, family breakdown or similar.

The award will provide homeless veterans with the advice and support they need to get their lives back on track and has been able to help the likes of Craig.

Craig is an ex Royal Corp Transport and Royal Logistics Corp Veteran. He became homeless following a relationship breakdown, which left him with nowhere to go. When Craig was referred to Alabaré he had a number of complex needs including PTSD, which affected his ability to look after himself effectively.

His self-esteem was particularly low which impacted his motivation to address his needs; he also has a fractured spine, which makes some daily activities quite difficult as well as suffering with severe hearing difficulties.

During the two years he spent living with us, Craig made great progress as he immersed himself in the recreational activities on offer within our home.

Alabaré also engaged with partners in the process of Craig’s rehabilitation including Veterans NHS Wales, Combat Stress and Step Change. Once Craig’s mental health became stable, he began to connect with groups and activities outside of our home including singing in a male voice choir, participating in an archaeological group and volunteering with The Royal British Legion.

Craig is now committed to improve all aspects of his life, health and wellbeing. We have now supported Craig through the process of moving on into independent accommodation though we remain available to provide the necessary outreach support should he require it.

Alabaré is there for those who have fallen on hard times, giving them a helping hand in their time of need. Without the support of charities like the Armed Forces Covenant, Alabaré could not continue to provide the much-needed support to ex-Service men and women who so desperately require it.