CSI2019 is specially designed to merge the gap between academia and practical field applications in law enforcement and security. We believe that the personnel serving and leaving the Armed Forces (officers, agents, operators and ex-military) should not only be empowered with a thorough understanding and mastery in practical implementations, but also have an understanding of the current global perspectives and their applications and implications in contemporary society (especially in the fields of security and crime prevention).

If you are interested in deepening your understanding, learning critical analytical skills, and the application of the innovative approaches to security, criminal justice, and socio-political aspects of the modern world- then this programme is for you. CSI2019 is a University accredited training course which would be a great value contributor towards Continuous Professional Development (CPD) schemes, promotion, widening professional horizons, job change and/or sector change. Even if any of the above-mentioned reasons do not apply to you and you are simply interested in our programme, please join us as we value your expertise and it would be mutually beneficial to have you participate in our training.

We welcome veterans from all parts of the world.

CSI2019 is one of the most innovative institutes worldwide offering dual delivery mode- online and in a classroom. If you are unable to join us in Cambridge in July 2019, you can still attend the CSI2019 online and receive a certificate upon successful completion of the programme. You may want to undertake one module/course- two weeks, or the whole programme- four weeks, depending upon your interests and availability. Online content will be updated every day, with some live-streams and guest- lectures from specialists from all over the world, however you will have the opportunity to catch up on the training materials at any time of your choosing.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the training the student will gain:

Knowledge and Understanding:

1. Demonstrate knowledge of a variety of international security and criminological concepts that can be related to a range of different crimes and scenarios and their subsequent applications and implications.

2. Understand and be able to assess the contribution of criminal psychology, sociology, politics and international relations based techniques can make to on-going investigations, interventions and current policy making practices.

3. To be able to collate, critically analyse and successfully implement knowledge from various fields such as: criminology, policing, security, criminal justice, and international relations in order to propose evaluations and solutions to modern world problems.

Intellectual, practical, affective and transferrable skills:

1. Demonstrate an ability to effectively convey ideas through oral presentations, collaborative work and written assignments

2. Undertake effective evaluation of real world reports and research in the fields of criminology, security, psychology and international relations.

The learning outcomes of the CSI2019 include specialist knowledge as well as crucial transferable skills. Both are of a great value and are respected by a wide range of employers from the following sectors:

• National and Global Criminal Justice Systems • Law Enforcement agencies • Social Policy (for example: NGOs, Think Tanks, Social Policy research groups) • Social Justice organisations • Military • Security and Private Sector • Academia • Government • First Responders • National and International Charities

Courses/Modules We are offering two courses/modules in July 2019, which will take place at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK.

Visit http://www.csi2019.org For more information, email: HQ@csi2019.org