The French authorities have announced travel arrangements, restrictions and requirements for visitors to Normandy on 6th June 2019…

People intending to attend D-Day 75 events should visit the English-language guide to read about the French authorities’ security arrangements.

Travel restrictions will be in force from 6am on 6th June. Vehicles wishing to enter the restricted travel zone at this time will need to display a D-Day 75 sticker. If your vehicle is already inside the restricted travel zone at 6am on 6th June, you will only need to carry a sticker if you wish to leave and re-enter the zone on that day.

The vehicle stickers will be available from the D-Day 75 information office in the civic offices adjacent to the town hall in Caen, on Esplanade Jean-Marie Louvel. Visitors are welcome during the opening hours:

  • Saturday 1st June 9 to 11.45am
  • Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th June 9am to 4.30pm
  • Wednesday 5th June 9am to 11pm

Road travel will be heavily disrupted in certain sections of Normandy to prioritise official transport and some roads will be closed throughout the day. Full details are available on the prefecture’s website.

Visitors will need to provide photo identification and details of the events they intend to visit in order to collect a vehicle sticker.

Many events in Normandy, including The Royal British Legion’s cathedral and cemetery services will only be open to those with the required accreditation. Passes will be required for event parking in Bayeux and public parking in the city will be limited.

Information on accreditation for The Royal British Legion’s events in Bayeux is available on their D-Day 75 website.