Serving personnel and their families will be better supported through the Defence Accommodation Strategy that will prioritise needs over military ranks.

  • New strategy introduces minimum standards to Single Living Accommodation
  • Long-term relationships treated equal to marriage and civil partnerships
  • Housing allocation based on family needs rather than military rank

This holistic approach prioritises the needs and personal circumstances of individuals, and ensures the most suitable accommodation is allocated.

The Government is also extending the eligibility requirements of the Service Families Accommodation to make sure the same level of support is offered to those in long term relationships. As a result of this change, the Ministry of Defence will be able to offer more service people access to a larger variety of housing leading to the reduction in excess housing.

It was also confirmed that the Ministry of Defence will raise the standards of Single Living Accommodation through a number of measures set out in the Defence Accommodation Strategy, delivering on a wider commitment to ensure the needs of serving personnel are met.

Setting out a clear vision to improve accommodation for those serving in the Armed Forces and their families, the strategy promotes the fair allocation of accommodation, seeks to improve the quality of accommodation, and ensure better value for money whilst promoting environmental sustainability.

The strategy focuses on:

  • The introduction of a minimum standard for Single Living Accommodation which will raise the baseline quality across the entire defence estate, which all SLA accommodation must adhere to. This is in addition to mandatory safety and legal compliance measures that SLA must offer individuals including appropriately private, quiet, secure, dry, appropriately ventilated and heated space with access to hot water.
  • Adapting the allocation of accommodation to take into account individual needs rather than basing decision on rank.
  • Recognising long-term relationships as equal to marriage or civil partnerships, allowing serving personnel to apply for accommodation in the same manner as those who are married and in civil partnerships.

Chief of Defence People Lieutenant General James Swift said:

The world has changed dramatically over the past few decades and the accommodation needs of our Service people and their families have changed with it.

This strategy makes a commitment that in the future accommodation need will be based on the individual family and that all established long term relationships are treated equally. A modern offer for a modern military providing access to high quality, affordable accommodation for those who help protect the nation.

Defence Accommodation Strategy