Defence Minister Guto Bebb has seen first-hand how the MOD is boosting regional economies across the country after he visited one of Britain’s leading military suppliers…

During a visit to WFEL in Stockport, a military design and manufacturing company that has worked with the Government for nearly four decades, the minister saw how the department’s funding was supporting employment in every corner of the nation.

WFEL, which employs 230 staff, has supplied tactical military bridge systems to more than 40 armed forces across the globe, including the UK, USA and Australia.

Defence Minister Guto Bebb said: “WFEL provides world-class bridge systems that enable UK Armed Forces to be rapidly deployed across the globe and project military power in any eventuality. Defence suppliers are at the heart of British industry and the MOD will ensure that our home-grown companies continue to develop, thrive and export their innovative products to our international partners.”

One of WFEL’s most enduring products is the Medium Girder Bridge, which was originally developed in partnership with the MOD. The highly adaptable, deployable and transportable tactical bridges ensure military equipment and personnel can get to where they are needed, whether that is during conflict or a humanitarian crisis.

During the lifetime of the bridge project, the MOD has invested millions into equipment and support services with the firm, boosting the local economy and employment. There are a range of current opportunities for further MOD investment in the company, with WFEL bidding to update and replace some of the UK’s current military bridging systems.