On the day that Canadian Armed Forces personnel took over the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace, Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon welcomed the new Canadian Defence Policy…

The Second Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry took over the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace on 18th June for the first time in history.

The role involved 85 soldiers from the unit, as well as musicians from the Royal Canadian Artillery band, who are based at Garrison Edmonton, Alberta. The Canadian troops are instantly recognisable by the distinctive French Grey colour on the collar and cuff – known as regimental facings – of their full dress scarlet tunic.

In another demonstration of the UK and Canada’s strong Defence relationship, Sir Michael has given his backing to Canada’s new Defence Policy.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said: "I welcome the new Canadian Defence Policy. Its commitments to remain engaged in the world, and maintain Canadian contributions to peace and stabilisation, mirror our own.

"I am greatly encouraged by the Policy’s commitment to an uplift in the Canadian Defence budget and new capabilities. In particular, the commitment to invest $108 billion in purchasing and upgrading Canadian Forces equipment, including a full complement of 15 new warships and 88 advanced fighter jets, is a welcome development. This is representative of the way that NATO members across the alliance are stepping up to ensure that our collective defence will have the modern capabilities needed in a changing world."