LRL: You were in the Reserves, how did this help with Team Rubicon UK?

Blakey:  “I had a twenty two years plus career in the Reserves. Most of my years were spent carving out a heck of a lot more time in green than the 19/27 day minimum. Within the last three years of service I was engaged on Additional Duties and was turning in 207 days per year, so not your average everyday Reservist to be honest.  TRUK found me at a time when I was struggling with the rigours of service; ultimately a mental health illness saw me discharge from service at a time that was right for both the service and me I believe. So I couldn’t give you first-hand experience of how this would fit around a reservist career, certainly not a typical one either. Knowing it’s voluntary and you’re able to pick it up and drop it if you have to, whenever you have to I think lends itself quite well to work around a reservist role as well as a full time or part time career. Someone whom thrives on being busy may have to chat to their employer because the causes that TRUK are combating are so altruistic I would struggle to see an employer that couldn’t see the benefits of service that TRUK brings to the employee and by association to the employing organisation. I would go as far as to say that anyone considering a career in the forces might want to polish their skills in this environment first, go intern or get involved in a domestic operation after attending an induction. To those leaving service it’s a fantastic place to network and continue the brotherhood or tribe as we like to say. It seems to me a great continuation of service that’s fantastic for self esteem and gives an opportunity to continue to serve others and to regain some of the purpose that can be lost on exiting military service.”

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