Robin Horsfall was a soldier from the age of fifteen up to the age of thirty-two. He served with the Parachute Regiment, the SAS, The Sultans of Oman’s Armed Forces, The Army of Sri Lanka and was a Major in ‘Frelimo’ The Army of Mozambique. He studied Karate for most of his adult life achieving the rank of 6th Dan Black Belt until in 2011 a neck fracture halted his career. During his recovery he went to Surrey University and studied English literature and creative writing graduating in 2016. Married since 1981 this father of five and grandfather of ten started posting ‘The Sayings of the Wise Old Paratrooper’ on Facebook and later decided to collate them along with his short stories and poetry into this collection.

Robin has recently penned a book entitled “The Words of The Wise Old Paratrooper”. It is a collection of snippets of memories, tales, characters and even poetry from someone who has led a colourful and reflective life.

The book is very easy to read a result of the collection of tales and it is a publication crammed with wise words, anyone connected to the military or wanting to do well in life, would be advised to take heed of what has been written.

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