Recruit for Spouses (RfS), the award-winning social enterprise dedicated to returning military spouses to the workplace, has partnered with the Google Digital Garage to deliver digital skills training to those with connections to the military…

The initiative will launch in Helensburgh, Scotland, on Wednesday 9th May – 24 hours before celebrations for the 50th anniversary of HMS Neptune.

The training is available to military spouses, serving personnel and anyone with a proven connection to the military community and will offer free workshops and face-to-face coaching, with visitors having the option to either book in advance or simply drop by for on-the-spot help.

The training ranges from beginner to intermediate levels, meaning anyone can come and take part. Topics covered will include:

1) CV writing – how to define and highlight relevant skills to give CVs a competitive edge;

2) Social media strategy – how harnessing the power of social media is invaluable when it comes to reaching and retaining a new audience;

3) ‘I am Remarkable’ – an initiative aimed at empowering under-represented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond. The movement provides women and other under-represented groups with the tools for effective and positive self-promotion through an interactive workshop.

Join us in one of our locations up and down the country to gain key digital skills from the Google Digital Garage this summer:

  • Helensburgh – 9th May
  • Catterick – 18th May
  • Staffordshire – 25th May
  • Brize Norton – 1st June
  • Portsmouth – 8th June

Ella Mountney, Marketing Manager at Recruit for Spouses, said: “The first Google office was a garage (really – Google it), so what’s stopping the front room of a military quarter becoming the launch pad for tomorrow’s exciting new brand or idea?

“Together, the adaptability and resourcefulness of our military spouses, coupled with a Google digital expert teaching the skills needed to gain a competitive advantage in an ever-changing work space, makes for a strong dynamic.”

These free, one-day packages will be fun, personalised and hands-on, preparing spouses for the career they deserve.