Totum Sport is the ONLY sports supplement that provides you with all 78 Electrolytes lost during intense exercise. Providing unparalleled benefits in not only performance and recovery at a cellular level, but also supporting your immune system. Taken by elite athletes worldwide, you can now become part of that elite club.

Send in a blog or vlog on your sporting and military background and why you should be considered to represent Totum Sport. Make sure you include images of yourself in training.

Send your entries to Pathfinder editor, Mal Robinson at

A shortlist will then be passed to the Totum Sport team to choose their winner.

The winning athlete will receive nutritional advice from Totum Sports, Head Nutritionist as well as complimentary solutions to enhance cellular fitness.

Optimising your cells ensuring that you perform at your best level.

The winning entry will also feature in a future issue of Military Muscle inside Pathfinder International magazine.

What’s not to like about that?

Entries must be submitted by Friday July 31st 2020.

The decision of the editor and the Totum Sport team will be final.

Good Luck!

One entry per person only.