Forces in Mind Trust has awarded funds of £87,140 to Good People to conduct a six-month study and feasibility assessment of an innovative new pilot aimed at improving employment outcomes for ex-Service personnel and their partners…

The project is focussed in the Solent area, working with veterans, employers and civil society to understand the employment challenges faced by the veteran community as well as small and medium size enterprises seeking access to this resource pool, and to develop a new model for veteran employment.

Ray Lock, Chief Executive, Forces in Mind Trust, said: “Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT) has funded this research to address two key issues in the employment of ex-Service personnel. Firstly, current recruitment methods are largely focused on CVs and job titles rather than skills and core competencies.

“This can be an obstacle for ex-Service personnel when seeking employment where there is a lack of understanding about transferable skills. Secondly, smaller business, such as SMEs and Start-Ups, are often unable to engage in veteran recruitment and transition services, which have largely been focused toward large employers.

“By identifying and understanding the twin challenges of engaging smaller businesses and skills-translation, the research will provide new insight into, and potential solutions for, the challenges faced by ex-Service personnel and their partners in employment.”

Richard Tyrie, Chief Executive of GoodPeople, said: “The transferable skills that veterans offer can be invaluable to employers big and small but knowing how military skills translate into a civilian environment can be a challenge for both employers and veterans alike. Understanding these challenges and the opportunities to overcome them is the first step towards a better working future for veterans.”