Back in December 2015 Wing Commander (retired) Shaun Mclaughlin came to us asking for advice to gain qualifications in Chainsaw work. By January 2016 Shaun was booked on the Chainsaw maintenance and Small fell course starting in February, funding was approved and he began the journey to becoming a fully qualified Tree Surgeon. So began the learning – tree climbing with Aerial Rescue, he then undertook the Felling & Processing Trees over 380mm, Aerial Tree Pruning, Aerial Tree Rigging. A humble inexperienced man who was very keen to learn, he started out a very intense student! Learning some new skills but always wanting to learn more. A shaky start in the climbing he eventually progressed and passed his climbing unit. Moving on to the more technical stuff, he showed the same determination. Tony was able to put him in touch with a very well respected Tree Surgery Company in Henley-On-Thames, Heritage Tree Care, who were able to give him some work experience. Once Shaun had completed his training with us he was taken on part time by the same company.

His testimonial speaks volumes:

“Outstanding value & quality. The teaching, administration, and support provided by SAWPOD were first rate from start to finish. Tony Derbyshire’s teaching style is professional, adaptable and inspires. He is up there with the very best of instructors I have encountered during 25 years of Service, and has a reputation across the tree surgery industry for excellence. Highly recommended to other service leavers who aspire to enter the Arboriculture Sector”

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