Pam Bader OBE and Chief Executive of MOLLY MAID UK believes
ex-military personnel are a perfect fit for our business.

“In my experience, their eagerness to learn new systems and
adapt to them is present in abundance and it’s something that is a huge part of
success with any business. You’re not just wearing one hat as a business owner;
you might be dealing with customer care one minute and purchasing the next. It
requires a keenness to learn to adapt and those are skills we’ve seen in our
own franchisees with a military background.

“The ability to think on their feet is something else we see
time and again. Allied with tenacity, strong work ethic and the boundless
energy needed to succeed as a franchisee, that’s an enviable skill set that is
much in demand in our sector.”

Pam also believes a lot of ex-military people overlook the
opportunity with MOLLY MAID “I think sometimes they might assume that it’s a
small business that our franchisees run. But we have a huge range in our
network – our top franchisees take up to £16,000per week and can earn
£80-90,000 per year. A business of that size requires very professional
management, where you will need to have the skills to manage more than 30 staff
on a daily basis and hundreds of customers.

“It’s an ideal business for Service leavers looking at their
next step and challenge. We have a system and brand established over many, many
years and we know how to train people to quickly build a robust business based
on repeat business. Additionally we have bespoke business management systems to
co-ordinate cleans, customers and staff, as well as manage
the booming volume of customer enquiries generated through our website. All our
eggs aren’t in one basket or one big contract, and cashflow isn’t an issue as
people pay at the time of a clean.

“Sometimes perhaps those leaving the military might not realise
immediately that the personal courage they have demonstrated in the forces is
just as important to succeed with franchises like ours, and that it can offer
them the right opportunity to develop their own business and be in charge of
their own destiny.”

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