Soldiers from 1 Royal Welsh in cover during an urban warfare scenario.
1 Royal Welsh Battlegroup deployed in Altmark Training Camp, Germany for Phase 3 of Exercise IRON STORM 23. Image: MOD Crown Copyright 2023

Exercise IRON STORM is 1 Royal Welsh Battlegroup validation exercise which will qualify them to assume the role of Lead Armoured Battlegroup (LABG) or Battlegroup. Ex IRON STORM 1/23 includes elements of 26 Engr Regt and 19 RA. CSS include 4RLC and 4REME. OPFOR will be provided by TF HANNIBAL made up of B Coy 1 Mercian and German Attack Force.

The FTX is part of the wider Ex IRON STORM which will validate the Royal Welsh Battlegroup to take over as the Lead Armoured Battlegroup. The Battlegroup consists of over 900 British troops taking part in this validation Ex. Ex Iron Storm 23 consists of an array of armoured platforms conducting a series of Live Fire Manoeuvre and Dismounted Manoeuvre in Germany which demonstrates that the Army is training and that the Royal Welsh Battlegroup is fit to become the Lead Armoured Battlegroup, and that Warfighting remains the cornerstone of the British Army.

This Exercise showcases that the British Army can integrate closely with our NATO allies both on operations and to deliver training. With opportunities to learn from other units within our Army as well as the German forces, joint training enhances effective Defence against adversaries.