Bestselling author, explorer and photographer Levison Wood, visited the UK’s leading charity for veterans mental health to talk to former servicemen and women about his career as an officer in the Parachute Regiment and his transition to becoming an explorer…

While at Audley Court, the Combat Stress centre in Newport, Shropshire, Levison was taken on a tour to see how the charity supports veterans with mental health conditions.

The services provided at the centre include occupational therapy workshops, which help veterans improve their physical health and wellbeing, relationships, behaviour, beliefs, emotions and thinking. This enables veterans to become more resilient and cope better with their condition.

Levison’s visit complimented these sessions by inspiring the veterans with the story of his successful transition to civilian life.

Levison said: “It’s been great to meet the team and some of the veterans who have benefited from the support of Combat Stress. I hope that hearing about my own experiences, particularly about my transition from the military in to my civilian career, has inspired some of the veterans in their future paths.

“I think it’s important for veterans to remember they’re not alone and it’s really important to talk. If you’ve got any issues you want to bring up, contact Combat Stress, talk to them about your problems and get the help that you need.”

Sue Freeth, Chief Executive of Combat Stress, said: “We’re so grateful to Levison for visiting Audley Court. His career in the Army means that he has an understanding of the challenges veterans can face.

“I’m sure the veterans found it both motivating and inspirational to hear about Levison’s travels and how he has effectively used the skills he learnt in the military.”