“If I live another 20 years (and I sincerely hope I do) my sons will be FORCED to find £16,000 to bury me.”

Yes, forced. UK councils look to the next of kin because they simply cannot afford to bury everyone. Believe it or not I ring coroners, councils and cemeteries and ask pertinent questions. The learning curve has been astounding for me.

Funeral costs have increased massively over the last 12 years, typically INCREASED by 92%. By 2025 families will need to find an extra £6,700+ bury a loved one. Even life policies are struggling to keep up with the rises in funeral costs. There has never been a better time to get involved with the pre-paid funeral plan industry. Only two million adults over the age of fifty have any provision in place for their funeral. With over sixty-five million people alive in the UK and with over one thousand deaths a day this really is a future proof business opportunity.

Most of the UK are approx. £2500 short of financing the funeral of a loved one. They turn to credit cards, bank loans or families to borrow the money for a funeral. The government have called this a state of ‘Funeral Poverty’. It’s getting worse year on year.

Unless we do something today, your family will face these kinds of costs too. Most of our clients look upon Pre Paid funeral plans as an investment not a cost.

Now, as a business, we have an unlimited, endless supply of prospects. Once people find out how easy it is to organise and how it will save their families a severe financial burden, they simply sign.

Working with Funerals by Design, you will have your very own region(s), all the training and support you need to run a very rewarding business.

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About Funerals by Design

When I left the Royal Air Force, I never dreamt I would be running a Pre-Pid funeral plan business. This is one of the most exciting opportunities I have ever been involved with and I am offering this opportunity to a select few in the UK.