The Naval Families Federation (NFF), Army Families Federation (AFF) and the Royal Airforce Families Federation (RAF FF) look to better support families going through transition thanks to Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT) funding…

A substantial grant awarded to the NFF, AFF and RAF FF in the summer of 2016 has allowed each Federation to employ and train a Transition Liaison post holder who will support families through transition from military to civilian life.

The joint application to the FiMT originated when the three Federations identified that families have difficulty accessing the plethora of events and services on offer for those about to transition, as they are generally directed at Serving Personnel rather than at their families.

The grant will not only allow each Federation to give ‘boots on the ground’ support to families, who are vital in a successful transition for Service leavers; it will also allow them to understand the needs of transitioning families now and in the future by monitoring and evaluating the evidence provided by the Transition Liaison post holders. This will ensure that the legacy of the grant will be far reaching and its benefit felt by families for many years to come.

Each Federation has now appointed a Transition Liaison and they have begun their work in earnest. On the top of their agenda is to identify families willing to share their Transition journey with the military community. All three Federations are looking for at least 8 families who are up to nine months away from their final date in service. Their experiences will help guide the Transition Liaisons’ work and inform the support on offer to families undertaking Transition in the future.

If you would like to take part, please email:

Army –[email protected]

Navy –[email protected]

RAF –[email protected]