The Royal Navy will be conducting Public Duties in London between 26 November and 08 December 2017, this is a unique opportunity and the first time the Senior Service has had the honour to mount The Queen’s Guard, as well as conduct Public Duties across London.

Known affectionately as Changing of the Guard, the ceremony reflects the customs and traditions which have remained unchanged through many centuries.

Training for this prestigious duty has started at HMS Excellent, Whale Island in Portsmouth, with the Ceremonial Drill Instructors from the Royal Navy, and Instructors from the Coldstream Guards. The Guards Division have been teaching the procedures and routines that have protected the Monarch for over 520 years.

Sailors from across the Royal Navy, including members of the Fleet Air Arm, Submarine Service and the Surface Fleet are currently working up before moving to London and commencing their first Changing of the Queen’s Guard, at the end of November.