It’s one year since the launch of a service providing life-changing support for hundreds of older veterans as well as their families or carers who have hearing loss or tinnitus…

Since launching in July 2017, Action on Hearing Scotland’s Hearing Forces service has provided vital information and support for 330 veterans in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Perth & Kinross, Dundee, Angus and Highland to cope with their hearing loss or tinnitus.

The service, which is part of the Unforgotten Forces collaboration of 15 organisations led by Poppyscotland, offers hearing aid support, information about ways to reduce the impacts of tinnitus and advice about assistive equipment, such as amplified telephones or personal listeners, which can make everyday life easier.

Teri Devine, Director of Action on Hearing Loss Scotland, said: “Our Hearing Forces staff and dedicated volunteers in several communities across Scotland have helped reduce social isolation experienced by 330 older veterans who are now empowered to manage their hearing loss and can continue communicating with family, friends or comrades.

“Hearing Forces is continuing to recruit volunteers throughout the country to help us reach and support 1,500 older veterans with hearing loss within three years of the service launching.”

Poppyscotland’s Glen MacDonald said: “Unforgotten Forces has enabled charities to work together far more closely to help older veterans. We now have a much more ‘joined-up’ approach getting staff of different organisations connected to each other at the coal-face.

“All this has resulted in far better co-operation, cross-referral and mutual multi-disciplinary support for older veterans who need support. For example, an older veteran referred for support with hearing loss or tinnitus might also benefit from social support, advice on benefits, a free holiday break or help with transport for essential travel.”

For information about Hearing Forces and to express your interest in volunteering for the service, email:, call 07388 227407 or visit