The University of Stirling, funded by the Forces in Mind Trust, are undertaking a project called Working Together which aims to research housing for people who have left the armed forces…

The research will:

  • examine what works (and what doesn’t work) for people leaving the armed forces
  • examine the ways in which the organisations involved can work better together
  • provide useful guidance for organisations, practitioners and policy-makers
  • explore what can be learned from the different housing systems in different parts of the UK

There are many individual housing challenges for service personnel leaving the forces. For some it is a lot easier than others. Available data suggests that ex-forces personnel are not over-represented in the homeless population but there is evidence that they are more likely to experience the more extreme forms of homelessness. For many, getting to grips with a complex civilian housing system is very difficult.

Previous research highlights the challenges of navigating the maze of Councils, Housing Associations, advice organisations and charities, particularly for service leavers looking for a rented home. The variety of organisations working together to help personnel have different cultures, knowledge and priorities too which can be problematic.

Area-based case studies will:

  • look at how organisations are working together to address the housing needs of ex-forces personnel, particularly recent service leavers
  • examine differences in housing policy between the devolved administrations of the UK
  • examine differences between leavers from the three services and between areas with a greater or lesser service presence

The research will examine:

  • the approach being taken by Council(s), Housing Associations and Third Sector organisations with an interest in housing for service leavers
  • the perspectives of recent service leavers on the help they have received from all of the organisations involved

The research will be shaped by a Research Advisory Group, made up of people with service and/or housing experience

The project runs until June 2020.