Clarification of the qualification criteria for the ACSM 1994 and 2011.

The Ministry of Defence can confirm that a formal review of the Accumulated Campaign Service Medal eligibility criteria has been completed. Due to ambiguity within the policy, it was necessary to pause all ACSM applications submitted since 2019, pending a review to ensure that those potentially eligible had their medal earning operational service correctly assessed.

The review reaffirmed the original intent of the medal, and clarified the qualification criteria to ensure that all time on a campaign or operation where a medal is earned should count towards the ACSM, unless the qualification criteria for the campaign medal specifically states it is excluded.

In some instances, prior to 2019, the Initial Qualifying Period (IQP) for the award of campaign medals had been incorrectly discounted when calculating a service person’s aggregated time on medal earning operations towards a potential ACSM.

The IQP will now be included towards all ACSM applications, including those currently awaiting assessment. The MOD Medal Office (MODMO) is in the process of assessing all applications that have been submitted and frozen pending the outcome of this review. These applications do not require resubmitting. However, service personnel and veterans who are concerned that they may not have been awarded the ACSM, or disadvantaged from qualifying earlier, as a result of the exclusion of their IQP are invited to re-apply.

More detailed information, guidance on eligibility and how to apply can be found on The Accumulated Campaign Service Medal (ACSM) 1994 and 2011 Policy Review 2020.

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