Lt Cdr Clarke © Crown Copyright 2018

Today the UK Armed Forces celebrates the role that Reservists make towards the work of UK defence…

The Reservist community is diverse, and they come from all parts of the community and all walks of life. They are deployed in operational theatres worldwide, undertaking different, diverse and sometimes dangerous roles. Across JFC, they make a daily contribution to UK Defence.

JFC employs a number of Reservists on a Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) contract across the organisation. This is where a member of the Reserves is employed full time on a fixed term contract. One such person is Lt Cdr Clarke, who has been a Reservist for 32 years. Initially joining the Royal Navy in Regular service, after leaving he decided to continue as a Reservist.

Lt Cdr Clarke’s work at JFC sees him providing support to the UK’s overseas Permanent Joint Operating Bases, specifically Gibraltar, the British Indian Ocean Territory and the British Defence Singapore Unit. Lt Cdr Clarke has also served on deployment to Afghanistan, working closely with Regular and Reserve colleagues across Defence.

Some JFC Reservists are civilians who work as Reservists in their spare time. For example, in his regular job, Simon is a Major Trauma Nurse Specialist, working at University Hospital North Midlands NHS. When he is not working for the NHS, Simon is a Reservist with the Yorkshire-based 2nd Medical Brigade. When working as a Reservist, he is a Lt Col specialising in Battlefield Advance Trauma Life Support.

In his time as a Reservist, Simon has deployed several times, working closely with his Regular counterparts, supporting operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a Reservist, Simon brings his experiences from working in a busy NHS hospital and provides an outside perspective to the way medical care is delivered in Defence.

There are also civil servants working in JFC who are members of the Reserves. Jo is a civil servant who works in the Future Health Care Team at the Headquarters Surgeon General, part of Defence Medical Services in Whittington. Jo has been training as a Reservist with the Royal Air Force for the last year.

Based with 4624 Squadron at Brize Norton, she is currently training for a logistics role. In two weeks’ time, Jo will have finished her training, and will begin working on operational flights. This could see her deployed across the world with the RAF, helping to support ongoing operations and activity.

Reflecting on the role of the Reservist, Commander Joint Forces Command, General Sir Chris Deverell said: “Specialists from across the public and private sector, and many different walks of life, play an important role as Reservists in JFC.

“Working alongside their Regular counterparts, both in the UK and across the world on operations, members of the Reserves provide JFC with a unique and outside perspective. In return they gain valuable development, taking lessons they learn with the military back into their civilian roles. On Reserves Day we thank them for their contribution to JFC and Defence.”