We continue our digital publishing of the Jingle Comms messages we received from you the public, in support of our troops away on operations over the festive period in association with SSAFA.

On Facebook, a barrage of messages were received from the general public.

They included:

Peter Tong: “To all service personnel who find themselves away from family and friends during the festive season, stay safe and be assured that not only family will be thinking of you, but total strangers like myself will be aswell. Total respect to all of you.”

Joan Binns: “Respect, thanks and good wishes to all of you, who are serving away from at Christmas. We appreciate your service in keeping us safe.”

Stuart Marcham: “ To all the service personnel away on duty, we salute you and hope you and your family enjoy the upcoming festive season.”

June Small: “Total respect to you all. Thank you for serving. Merry Christmas to you all.”

Spike Sue Marshall: “Merry Christmas to you all, stay safe and respect to every serving member.”

David Foote: “Bless you all, comrades.”

Message for Nick Armstrong, who is serving in the Falklands this Christmas.

“Have a good Christmas Nick. Enjoy your festivities with the penguins and pos even more snow than Germany. We will miss you back in the UK but will be thinking of you, Love Jean,  Ron and Nanny Ethel”.

Message for Sergeant Chris Gallagher, who will also be in the Falklands in the festive period.

“Happy Christmas love you loads and will see you very soon, your Karen.”


Emily Blakeny added: “SSAFA instagrammed that the public should send messages of support for Christmas so here is mine.

You are all brave and I appreciate you.  You protect people who can’t protect themselves, you fight for freedom.

Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy being served by the senior staff (does that still happen?) I’m on Instagram with the username emboloe if anyone would like to say Hi!”

Graham Allen added: “To all the boys and girls from the Movements trade especially. Take care over the holiday period, be safe and be assured you will be in our thoughts until your safe return to your families.”

Finally, it goes without saying that both Left Right Left and Pathfinder International wish our troops all the best for a safe Christmas and New Year away and Editor, Mal Robinson, added his best wishes.

“I can’t reiterate it enough how hard it can be to be away from loved ones at this time of year. I speak on behalf of all the team here at Left Right Left and Pathfinder International in wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, I hope it goes as well as it can, wherever you are stationed across the globe and remember to enjoy and celebrate with your families and friends, when you are next home following tours away. Stay safe and we’re all thinking of you.”

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