Read the news lately? Wow, are things moving fast. And they are not only moving fast, they are moving fast in all directions…

Physicists call this “entropy.” Business leaders experience it as “chaos.” At Y2XConnect, we help our employees and clients approach it as “opportunity.”

Top change managers, and in particular top digital transformation specialists, will tell you there are a few key ingredients to handling and then exploiting environments in a continual state of flux. Those ingredients include excellent planning, strong leadership, dedicated teamwork, situation awareness and a willingness to adapt.

Ring any bells?It should.

This list is the default orientation and defining core skill set of any former military service member. More and more, companies are in desperate need not of cutting edge technical skills, but of excellent project management and initiative leadership skills. Y2XConnect was founded to close the gap between this growing supply/demand opportunity.

Working with military personnel to train them in Information Technology skills isn’t new. But there are 2 things in today’s digital business environment that are new. First, the arrival of hosted and cloud services as a mature, safe option for businesses has pushed requirements for deep, narrow technical skills and experience off to the cloud providers. But far from being plug and play, adoption of new hosted and cloud services by businesses places a premium on professionals who possess a combination of planning, leadership, teamwork, situation awareness and flexible execution as well as technical and business savvy.

The second thing that’s new is Y2XConnect’s approach to training. Not only do we provide service leavers with access to leading edge training in select IT disciplines such as Project Management, Risk Management and Information Security, each that compliment the wealth of training service leaders already possess. But we also ensure every new Y2XConnect recruit completes our proprietary soft skills and organisational culture training.

At Y2XConnect we feel that our soft skills and culture training is essential to ensuring former service men and women can quickly adapt the application of their skills to the myriad of possible organisational dynamics in which they may be asked to perform. Identifying, analysing and adapting to an organisation’s unique social atmosphere, governance structure and unwritten rules early and with as little stress as possible for Y2XConnect employees is the key ingredient to our company’s identity and to our success.

It’s a brand new world for everybody. Matching the right skills to the right opportunities will be key for success. Contact us at Y2XConnect today and let us help you turn the changes in your world into opportunity:[email protected]

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