The Taxi Charity for Military Veterans has asked London Cabbies if they can help veterans by collecting essential shopping or by keeping in touch regularly by phone…

A card was delivered to all the veterans that the charity works with, asking them to Keep Calm and Carry On. The card from The Taxi Charity reads:

Dear Veteran,

We are not making light of the current situation. Far from it! We are still here and don’t want you to suffer in silence. Should you need any help, or a chat please get in touch.

The card provides the veterans with a list of contact telephone numbers for London cabbies that they can call on for help or for a chat.

Ian Parsons, Chairman, Taxi Charity for Military Veterans, said: “When I asked for additional support from the London Cabbies who volunteer for the Taxi Charity, I was overwhelmed by the response. The Cabbies do so much already but they all wanted to offer more help to ensure that in their time of need our veterans get the care, help and regular contact they need while they are self-isolating.”

The Taxi Charity has had to put all its fundraising activities on hold due to the Coronavirus restrictions so if you could help the charity please do consider donating at