Pathfinder International spoke to the Jardine Motors Group to highlight four successful case studies in which service personnel have made the transition from forces to motors.

Aaron Barnes

Aaron was one of the first people to benefit from a partnership with Jardine Motors Group, based on the Army’s ‘Careers Transition Programme’, joining Oldham Audi as a Sales Executive in July 2017.

Aaron joined the Army straight from school at 16, where he worked his way up to an Arming Landing Point Commander. During this time, Aaron was in charge of a £64 million apache helicopter, as well as seven other employees who worked under him whilst on tours of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Once leaving the Army, it took Aaron a bit of time to adapt to civilian life. He tried three different jobs before finally finding what he calls his “happy place”, as part of Jardine Motors Group. Working at Oldham Audi, Aaron was relieved to find a workplace where he could be himself and still share in the banter he was missing from his time in the army.

Having never sold a car in his life, Aaron flourished under the in-house training and felt a new lease of life learning a completely new trade. Aaron was able to adapt to his new role instantly thanks to the skills he learnt had previously. His military background helped Aaron to show his colleagues and customers how much potential he has to offer thanks to his desire to get the job done, ability to adapt to any situation and possessing outstanding organisation skills.

Commenting on his new role, Aaron said: “The buzz you feel from selling a car is like no other, I feel very fortunate to have been able to transfer some of my key skills and personality traits from the army, into my new role at Oldham Audi. I would strongly recommend the automotive industry to anyone considering a career change.”

Three top tips for going through settlement:

  • Stay open minded as to what your next career path entails. The Army will help you to progress day by day and train you constantly. Out here on civi street you must stay versatile and be willing to fund your own training to progress. Keep that in mind in any job.
  • Don’t throw all your eggs into one basket whilst resettling. Use the learning credits funded by Resettlement to broaden your own personal skills. There are many short courses that give you a qualification as a stepping-stone into what could be your next career.
  • If you have a goal that you believe is your next career path, don’t be scared to volunteer your services for free in your spare time to understand a new job. This in turn could lead to future employment and shows willing. Employers love anyone who is willing and committed.

Daniel Garbutt

After serving as an Ammunition Technician in the army, Daniel decided he wanted to challenge himself in a different industry. With no previous automotive experience, Daniel joined JLR Reading through the JMG Academy.

Since switching from the Army to Salesman at JLR Reading, Daniel has made real progress, consistently topping the JMG Academy league table for the number of completed sales. Despite only being a part of the JMG family for a short period, Daniel has taken every challenge in his stride and has set a fantastic example to other colleagues coming through the academy.

Daniel’s academy mentors and colleagues all share the opinion that he has what it takes to be one of the best Salesmen, in not only the JLR division, but also the whole country. Daniel is recognised for his confidence, presentation, timekeeping and competitiveness; all key traits he learnt during his time in the army.

Since leaving the forces, Daniel has managed to find his own place with his girlfriend, something he could not afford whilst in the armed forces due to being away for extended periods of time.

Commenting on the transition from the army to his new role, Daniel said: “My time in the armed forces really helped me to grow as a person. I may be young, but I feel I have developed an old head on my shoulders. In the army, once a job was complete, that was it finished. In my new role, I love how a job is never over as I can continue to provide great customer service through aftersales and future purchasing opportunities.”

Three top tips for going through settlement:

  • Be persistent with your job search and don’t give up, it can take a few interviews and jobs until you find the right one for you.
  • Take the advice of CTP. Their CV workshops are invaluable and after using them I had a lot of interest from different companies after uploading online.
  • Make sure you spend some time finding a place to live if you don’t have anything set already. Flat/house searching was one of the most stressful parts of resettlement for me because I only gave myself a month before leaving.

Sam Leech

Like Daniel, Sam has come through the Jardine Motors Group Academy to become a Service Advisor at JLR Wolverhampton.

After being a part of the Royal Marines for almost eight years, based out of Scotland, Sam decided to leave the armed forces in search of a new career path. Once arriving home from the Royal Marines, Sam found it hard to adjust to everyday life at first; however, landing a place on the JMG Academy helped him find a day-to-day routine that suited him.

Sam’s colleagues note how well he reacts to customers when handling any queries. Sam has a real talent for ensuring that if any customer has a problem they need assistance with, they will receive a helping hand right away and leave with a smile on their face.

Commenting on the skills he has taken with him from the Royal Marines, Sam said: “After being deployed in Afghanistan and the Middle East, I managed to develop the skill of keeping calm under pressure. I have taken this trait with me into my role at JLR Wolverhampton, as it is important that customers feel their queries are handled in the most simple and quickest manner possible. Ensuring each job follows the right process means I can provide my customers with the highest level of customer service.”

Three top tips for going through settlement:

  • Keep active – keep your mind and body busy.
  • Be proactive in job hunting. Apply for as much as possible and take as many training courses as possible.
  • Look for a career where your military role may be able to help.

David Lucas

Located out of the North West of England, David is the Market Area Director of the Audi division at Jardine Motors Group.

David was a Royal Marine for over eight and a half years, spending a lot of time serving in Northern Ireland and at other overseas postings. His final role was as a Landing Craftsman, based out of Plymouth, which David enjoyed thoroughly, getting up close and personal with fast, powerful, high-tech boats.

It came to the point where David needed to commit to serving full time in the Royal Marines or take an alternative career path. David chose to walk a different path and switched fast boats for charismatic cars, joining Jardine Motors Group as a Market Area Director in 2016

Similar to his experiences in the Royal Marines, David champions how being a part of Jardine Motors Group means you can continue to work with a plethora of different skill sets with people from different backgrounds.

David has risen through the ranks of the Motor Trade after transferring key skills from his time in the Royal Marines. David’s own high standards of staying disciplined and ensuring he meets targets has seen his senior team and board members put trust in David’s decision-making. David has felt a real sense of empowerment and has received a new lease of life in a promising career within the automotive industry.

Three top tips for going through settlement:

  • Have a clear idea of the industry that you wish to join
  • Don’t follow the crowd when deciding what to do
  • Be open minded on other industries

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