A century of veteran mental health, the advancements in treatment, and the changing attitudes towards employing veterans is the focus of this year’s free-to-attend Military Mind business symposium presented by Combat Stress…

The symposium will be held from 9am – 2.30pm on 23rd May at 1599 at The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. Sponsored by Thales, Military Mind will explore the value that former servicemen and women add to an organisation’s productivity and the practical ways that companies can ensure the workplace wellbeing of their veteran and reservist employees.

The event will centre on what support companies can implement, regardless of their size or sector. Experts in the field of military mental health, as well as those in the corporate sector who employ veterans, will join clinical specialists from Combat Stress to present methods that businesses have used to create a supportive environment for veterans and reservists at work.

Sue Freeth, Chief Executive of Combat Stress, said: “This symposium will help responsible businesses build and enhance their workplace wellbeing programmes for their veteran and reservist workforce. We will explore practical ways companies can create effective, well-being support initiatives in the workplace. Our aim is to ensure employers are fully equipped to support their former service employees.”

Mike Seabrook, UK Company Secretary of Thales, said: “Studies have found that 33 productive days are lost per year to moderate to severe depression by the 5.6% of employees that suffer from it – regardless of whether they are ex-forces. This drops to only 2 days if they no longer suffer from depression – a huge difference.

“Ex-Forces’ training and skills are transferable to the workplace and companies like Thales are lucky enough to benefit from this huge pool of talent. It makes good business sense to build comprehensive and effective wellbeing programmes to support all employees and focus on the needs of specific groups, including veterans.”

For more information or to register to attend please contact Maggie Bennion, Senior Corporate Fundraising Officer via Maggie.Bennion@combatstress.org.uk or call 01372 587158 or visit the website.